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What we do

Visual, science y mucho cariƱo





About Us

Aloop is a Barcelona based visual studio with an original focus on popular science and animation. Founded by Michele Sclafani (PhD in molecular quantum optics) and Alessandro Lo Cascio (visual artist and filmmaker), we combined our love for animation and science to design motion graphic videos and illustrations to support scientific publications and promote research projects for the scientific community, business channels and general audience. Let your grandmother finally understand what you do in the lab!

How do we work

Spread your research in a few easy steps!

1. Tell us about your research!

Prepare a text for your target audience and send it to us. Remember, keep it simple!

2. We draw a storyboard

See how we translate your ideas into a visual narration.

3. Let's animate!

Happy with the storyboard? Just relax and we'll think about the rest!

4. TIME to spread

Your video is now ready to share! Go and spread it around!


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